Be a part of the green transition.

With an Ennogie solar roof you are supporting a positive developmenmt in the enviroment and the transition to more green and renewable energy.

solar roof

Less CO₂

With an Ennogie solar roof, you have already been able to save more CO₂, than the entire roof itself has derived when produced!
Comparing the Ennogie solar roof to other forms of climate-friendly types of energy production, the great benefit is that the energy is produced at the same place, as it is to be used. Hereby no ressources are spend on transporting the energy.
Solar energy is one of the easiest ways of obtaining more sustainability in the whole energy-perspective.

In using solar cells the rays of the sun is transformed into green energy, which can make you selfsufficient in terms of power, during most days of your daily life.

Small streams make great rivers

One of the UN’s sustainable development goals is the transition to sustainable forms of energy. Besides establishing an infrastructure and a set-up which gives all consumers ces to more green energy, the sustainable development will only be a success, if we all take part. It is the many small streams, which will make a difference.

With an Ennogie solar roof, you are making a great individual contribution towards the green transition, by minimizing the purchase of power from the electricity grid, and instead using your own green energy.

Idea for sustainability with solar roof

Sustainable constructing

A sustainable roofing solution as the Ennogie solar roof, has many advantages in construction.
With the large amount of green energy which is produced by the thermal envelope, it is possible to to reach the highest certifications of sustrainable constructing.
A great example of this is the project “Cirkelhusene” in Randers.
With the Ennogie solar roof as the thermal envelope and roof on the entire project, it has been possible to obtain the DGNB gold-certification.
“Cirkelhusene” consists of 12 buildings in a circle, and is the definition of sustainability. The round shape of the building provides an individual and unique expression, that the Ennogie solar roof completes.

You can read more about the project “Cirkelhusene” here >>

Follow the operation of the solar roof

When you obtain an Ennogie solar roof, you also automatically gain acces to the Ennogie “system-surveillance” APP”. This APP is made for the sole purpose of allowing you to be able to watch the operation of your solar roof. In this you are able to see how much electricity you are producing currently, daily, yearly and in total. You are also able to see how many tons of CO₂ emission your solar roof has saved, in producing green energy.

EMA App for productionview from solar roof

Consumption with a clear consience

When the roof itself after a few years has become CO₂ neutral, you can further consume all your self-produced energy, without having any emission of CO₂. By this, your future energy consumption can be done with a clear conscience.

If you want to do a little ekstra for this – you can try to match your use of electricity when the sun in clear in the sky, or invest in a battery-solution, that can make your production and consumption of solar energy even more effective.



With an Ennogie solar roof you are to a large extent becoming self-sufficient with renewable energy. This means that you are polluting the enviroment minimally from the traditional forms on non-enviromental friendly sources of energy.

Furthermore there is a sigfinicant saving on the production of the solar roof itself, in comparison of eg. a traditional clay tile roof. This means that you can already from day one, have a better conscience by investing in a solar roof.



It is no longer a debate, whether “active” roofs as solar, are gonna take over the market, from the traditional “passive” roofs. The Ennogie solar roof is an “active” roof, which means that you can future-proof yourself, by investing in a solar roof now, instead of a traditional roof.
It is also no longer a discussion if the future cars of our society will be parly or fully electrical.
With an Ennogie solar roof combined with a battery-solution, you are able to produce your own green energy, which you are able to charge your electrical car with, when you get home. A truly sustainable way of using energy.

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