A solar roof that is easy to mount

Underconstruction ready for solar roof

The mounting is done by an ordinary carpenter

The Ennogie solar roof has been developed with a clear focus on making the mounting as simple as possible. With traditional solar systems and solar roofs, it is a demand that it is an authorized electrician that does the mounting and connects the panels. The Ennogie solar roof has been designed in a way, that the ordinary carpenter – og another person with experience of skills in mounting – can mount the roof entirely on their own. It is only a requirement that it is an authorized electrician which connects the AC-BUS cable to the switchboard in the building. For this reason, there is a good amount of money to be saved on the mounting, by choosing specificly the Ennogie solar roof, instead of any other solar roof.

Simple principles for mounting means an easy and fast mounting of the solar roof

The mounting of the Ennogie solar roof is in many cases significantly faster, than the mouting you would know from traditional roofing – atleast if you have tried it a few times.

If you are looking for a carpenter, that has tried mounting the Ennogie solar roof several times before, then you can find the list of our partners below. Our partners will in many cases, be able to provide an offer for the entire roofing project. You are also welcome to contact us, if you would like to have a conversation about, how the mounting can or should be done for your specific project.

Mounting solar roof in rain
measurement of solar roof


With Ennogies simple mounting and system principles, it is possible to mount the roof yourself, just with a bit of experience. We have developed a thorough step-by-step guide to the mounting, which can be found here >>

We are happy to advise you about the mounting, before you start – and if you want an experienced person on site, for just the start of the mounting, we are able to offer you a small “startingpackage” of service. Please contact us for further information about the mounting.

See the details of the mounting of our solar roof, by clicking on our mounting guide.

Find one of our partners in your area - click the map below:

Jylland & Fyn

Sjælland & Lolland-Falster


Company:​ Contact:​ Telephone:​ Email:​
Visuelt Byg Aps
Jan Vallebæk
6018 7602
Ansø tømrerforretning (Nordjylland)
Jesper Øgenslager Andersen
4081 4340
Tømrerfirmaet Paulsen
Søren Paulsen
2247 5160


Company:​ Contact:​ Telephone:​ Email:​
Clasen ApS
Jesper Clasen
7216 3027
Pro Tagenergi
9383 3240
Bjørklund Byg
Henrik Bjørklund
6022 3452
Tribest (KBH)
2235 3638

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