Ennogie’s home battery is your possibility to optimize your self-produced energy

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    What is unique about Ennogie’s battery solution?

    • Ennogie’s home battery has a very competitive price (campaign price will be announced soon)
    • Ennogie’s battery solution is completely silent
    • Nordic design
    • Ennogie’s battery is a “plug n ‘play” solution – which means you can easily mount the battery yourself
    • Ennogie’s battery consists of a combined battery and inverter solution

    With the combination of any solar panels and our battery solution, it becomes possible to store and use the power you produce, much more efficiently.

    See Lars’ introduction on the home battery.

    The battery solution consists of small units of 2.3 kWh, which makes it possible to tailor the battery to your household’s needs. You will receive the battery as one complete unit, making the installation fast and straightforward. As a private person, you can you can easily handle the installation, except connecting the battery to the switchboard, which an electrician must handle.

    For customers with a large storage requirement, it would make sense to have a solution with higher battery capacity gathered in one solution. For this, Ennogie has designed a ‘rack system’, where it is possible to assemble several battery packs into one large battery.

    To ensure a smooth integration, the rack system complies with dimensions of 60x60cm. Since each module inside the rack weighs just 21kg, this can be installed by a single person.

    The dimensions of the battery is not a coincidence. The width of 595 mm, as well as the depth of 138 mm and height of 250 mm, makes it possible to fit the solution over eg, high or upper cabinets without breaking with the modular dimensions that apply in the home furnishing.

    The electricity market
    Today, most people are not at home and therefore not able to use most power during the daytime, when it is actually produced with eg. solar energy. Therefore, the surplus flow is for many people sold for very little to the eletricity grid. By connecting your source of self-produced renewable energy to the battery, you become much more self-sufficeient and do not have to rely on less profitable tariffs.

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    To reach the market widely, both for people whom already have solar panels and for future customers at Ennogie, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to get a strong and effective starting point of our production

    The more orders placed during this campaign – the better the prices and the more benefits we will be able to provide to the backers of the campaign.

    In this campaign, Ennogie’s home battery will be offered at very favorable prices, which will only be at the price level during the Indiegogo-campaign.

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