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3 advantages of the Ennogie roof

The Ennogie roof is beautiful

The Ennogie roof proves that the beauty lies in the simplicity – not a solar cell that is placed on top of an existing roof. In the Ennogie concept, the electricity is produced by the roof itself. This is one of the reasons why we have received many Danish and international design awards.

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The Ennogie roof is profitable

An Ennogie roof is less expensive to obtain, to mount and to maintain than you might think, and after only a few years, you will be earning money on your roof. Money that will “slide down the roof”, right into your pockets.

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The Ennogie roof is sustainable

Already within one year, the use of an Ennogie roof has reduced the CO2 emission by more than the CO2 output from the production. Then, the roof just lies there and makes the world a better place. And you can use all the electricity you make yourself, with a clear conscience.

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See or download our brochure with some of our completed projects here. There are both examples of the Ennogie solar roof in new constructions and as replacement of an old roof.


How it works

The Ennogie roof:
The Ennogie modules make up the entire roof on top of the building, and they transform sunlight into electricity.

The Ennogie roof also makes electricity on overcast days, but not at night-time. The battery stores electricity so you can use energy at all times.

Electrical grid:
You can still receive electricity from your utility when your roof’s electricity does not suffice.


Get started and get in touch with Ennogie


Get started and get in touch with Ennogie

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