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Three benefits of Ennogie solar roof

A design that makes you happy

The Ennogie roof proves that the beauty lies in the simplicity – not a solar cell that is placed on top of an existing roof.
In an Ennogie roof, the electricity is produced by the roof itself – a solar roof. This is one of the reasons why Ennogie has recieved many Danish and International design awards.

Read more about the design of the Ennogie roof here.

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Saves the enviroment from tons of CO₂ emission.

Already within a few years of operation, the use of an Ennogie solar roof will have reduced the CO₂ emission by more than the output from the production of the roof.
Then, the roof just lays there and makes the world a better place.
This means that you can use all the electricity generated, with a clear conscience.

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Lowers your electricity bill

An Ennogie roof is less expensive than what you might think. Already by day 1, you will be saving money and lowering your spend on electricity.
After a few years, the roof will have had a full return on investment. Afterwards, you will start earning money on your roof. Money that goes into your pockets.

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Line illustration of how the solar roof functions

Solar roof

Ennogie solar roof

The Ennogie modules make up the entire roof and the thermal envelope of the building, while transforming sunligt into electricity.


The Ennogie roof also produces electricity on overcast days, but not at night time. A battery solution stores electricity, so you can use it even after the sun is down.

Electrical grid

You can still recieve electricity from your utility company, when you are not producing enough electricity yourself, for the household consumption. Therefore, you will never experience any issues with your access to electricity, even if you are not producing enough electricity yourself.

Read more about the solar roof and the components.

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See some selected references with Ennogie solar roof.

Gert måløv

Bakkesvinget, Måløv

reference Overgårdsvej, Ikast solar roof right carport

Overgårdsvej, Ikast

Solar roof at Eurodan in Skanderborg

Fruering Skovmark, Skanderborg

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Map over the Ennogie projects in Denmark

Projects in Denmark

Energi ikon

>3.200.000 kWh

>40.000 m²

Ennogie has by the year 2020 delivered more than 200 Ennogie solar roofs in Denmark.

Ennogie is the leading supplier of solar roofs in Denmark – and in the Nordics. Since the first Ennogie solar roof was installed in 2016, we have been delivering self-produced green electricity to a lot of danish household, which has granted them not only a lower electricity bill, but has also saved the enviroment of a substantial amount of CO₂.

The production of electricity varies from project to project, but since 2017 the total of our solar roofs, totalling more than 30.000 m², has produced more than 2.700.000 kWh of renewable energy. This equals the yearly average consumption of electricity in about 360 danish households.



Ønsker du generel inspiration til hvordan et Ennogie solcelletag kan indtænkes i din konstruktion, så se gerne vores inspirationsbrochure med et væld af forskellige færdiggjorte projekter med Ennogies solcelletag.
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