Solar roof for Nottelmanns Autohandel

A sustainable solution that pays for itself

The owner of Nottelmanns Autohandel – Preben Nottelmann – states: “I have now had a roof fitted that both looks stylish and will presumably last much longer than my old Eternit roof. An additional – and very important factor – is that the roof pays for itself on a daily basis with its energy production, contributing to our operating income, whereas traditional roofs just lose their value day after day over the course of their service life. In other words: An Ennogie solar roof does not only pay for itself, but also makes a positive contribution to the company’s bottom line over the course of its lifespan. The fact that we have simultaneously opted for a sustainable solution that gives Nottelmanns Autohandel a green profile makes really good sense to me.”

Solar roof from Ennogie gives a car dealership a sustainable facelift
The Nottelmann car dealership has had a new roof fitted that produces large amounts of energy and gives the dealership a sustainable facelift. The Ennogie solar roof is an “active roof” in contrast to commonly known roof covers such as roofing slates, tiles or board. The old roof facing north was leaking and was in need of replacement. The car dealership has now installed an energy-producing roof that can last for a number of decades.

Large energy consumption

The car dealership consumes a lot of power, since the many square metres of large under-roof glass panels in the exhibition premises are heated by electrically powered heat pumps. This places additional demands for heating during the winter. And in the summer, the large glass panels require a lot of energy for cooling to be able to ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

A thermal envelope and power producer in one

The car dealership meets a substantial part of its power needs with the new Ennogie solar roof. Energy consumption peaks during the car dealership’s opening hours, i.e. during daylight hours, when the solar roof provides up to 100% of its power needs. And the Ennogie roof produces, on average, around 40% of the car dealership’s annual power consumption. This results in a very attractive business case, since the Ennogie roof acts as both a thermal envelope and a power producer.



See or download our brochure with some of our completed projects here. There are both examples of the Ennogie solar roof in new constructions and as replacement of an old roof.



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