If the answer is “yes”, we can offer you an active roof which pays for itself – and then some

New roof

Whether it is a question of new construction or replacement of an old roof, a new roof is often a major decision. Considerations often touch on the owner’s bottom line and the aesthetic side of the roof, and it is important to choose right so you get the exact new roof over your head that you want.

The Ennogie solar roof

Considerations about a new roof have taken an entirely new turn after Ennogie launched its solar roof. A roof that can replace traditional roofs that we have seen until now in their entirety. So if you need a new roof, the first consideration should be: Would you like to have a passive roof that will be an expenditure throughout its entire lifespan? Or would you like to opt for an active roof that will pay for itself – and then some? So when you are considering a new roof, the choice is no longer only whether it should be a concrete, Eternit, slate or tile roof. And which colour the new roof should be. No – now there is a pioneering new opportunity, namely the solar roof, which can replace traditional roofing solutions in their entirety, while earning money for its owner. The Ennogie solar roof is relevant for both companies and private persons. And when it comes to private persons, it is a good choice for both houses and summer cottages. So if you are looking for a new roof to install on a new or renovated building – because the existing one is worn out, leaking or quite simply no longer looks good – we recommend that you consider a solar roof.

The Ennogie solar roof is a good deal.

A new roof from Ennogie costs a bit more than a traditional quality roof. But unlike these roofs, which are and will remain an expenditure, the Ennogie roof will pay for itself – and then some.
So it is a good deal to invest in solar roofs. And the higher your power consumption, the better the deal will be. If you opt for the solar roof, you will get a roof which: – Pays for itself and then some – Is a good deal for the owner – Gives the owner a higher disposable income from day one… – Or if the buyer is a company, better operating economy from day one.

Award-winning design

Many people are familiar with traditional solar cells, which is why they are perhaps far from the first option they consider when they want to have a stylish new roof installed in their home. After all, many people want their new roof to bring an additional touch of beauty to their dwelling and contribute to its coherence and aesthetics. BUT the Ennogie solar roof has set entirely new standards, and it has been developed from the very start to match most structures and be suitable for modern architectural styles. If you opt for the Ennogie solar roof, you will have a roof that has received several Danish and international design prizes and that stands forth as a unique roofing solution with strong overall characteristics. The roof has been awarded, among other things, the 2016 Danish Design Award, in competition with 5,500 contestants from 59 countries.

A new roof that is sustainable

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of acting sustainably. And by opting for the Ennogie solar roof, you by default become part of the green wave. Solar energy is sustainability per se. And an Ennogie roof will have slashed more CO2 emissions than have been necessary to manufacture the roof within only 1 year. After one year, the roof will just lie there, on top of the house, making the world a better place.
A trouble-free new roof If you opt for an Ennogie solar roof to be your new roof, you will not experience any more problems than with a traditional roof. Very much the reverse. In most cases, the roof is self-cleaning – but if it needs cleaning, it is just as easy to clean as traditional roofs. You can follow how much power the new roof is producing daily using our app, and should any problems occur, Ennogie is at your service, ready to help you at any time.
Roof light windows and skylights Our adapter module makes it possible to have a new roof with roof light windows or skylights without any problems whatsoever. We draw and design the roof solution so that the combination of solar cell panels and adapter modules appears as an integrated and aesthetic solution, including any roof light windows and skylights.
Future-proof The Ennogie solar roof is the future. More and more experts predict that a very large share of our power consumption in the future will come from solar energy. And the solar roof will play a material role in this area. At Ennogie, we are working to make individual households more and more self-reliant. And a new roof from Ennogie is a good step forward with a future-proof solution.
A complete solution Our solution consists of solar cell panels, adapter modules micro-inverters as well as a battery, wherever relevant. In other words, a complete concept that ensures that the roof is a good deal, has a modern design and is sustainable.
Warranty If you need a new roof, you will also want it to last as well as not take too many risks. This is why Ennogie also gives warranty for new roofs. The solar panels themselves are manufactured from glass, and glass is a material with tremendously long durability. We give 10 years’ product warranty. Additionally, we provide a system output warranty for the solar cell modules, which means that we are obliged to assure that system output is never lower than 90 % of the original performance after 10 years, and 80 % after 25 years.
Insurance companies provide coverage When you invest in a new roof, you will naturally also want to insure it with an insurance company. We at Ennogie do not recommend a specific company, but our experience is that owners have never had any problems insuring their solar cell roofs.
Easy to install The Ennogie solar roof is well thought out and just as easy to install as traditional roofs. If you opt for your new roof to be an Ennogie solar roof, this will not entail complicated installation.
Let the sun do the job Our closest star, the Sun, is a very stable and powerful source of sustainable energy. The surface of the Earth actually receives more energy from sun rays per hour than the whole of mankind can consume in a year. With solar cell panels it is possible to catch the sun rays and convert them into electricity. As soon as the Ennogie solar roof is connected to the electrical panel, owners will experience material savings on their power bills – and the Sun together with the roof will subsequently work for them day in and day out.


Buying a new roof is often a big decision. This is why Ennogie does the utmost to ensure that its customers feel that they are in safe hands. This means that we assure top-notch quality and workmanship. We never compromise, and we are dedicated to giving customers security for their investment. This is why we prepare our homework very thoroughly, with drawings, plans and calculations of the amount of power that can be produced by the roof. We prepare ourselves in the best way possible to ensure that no one gets any unpleasant surprises. Our workmanship is always top-notch, as the Ennogie roof has been developed based on familiar and esteemed materials in the construction industry, and we only cooperate on fitting and laying the roof with absolutely the best subcontractors and workmen. We have close cooperation with selected workmen – ProPartners – who are experienced in fitting and laying the roof.

Let your new roof meet your energy needs

A new roof from Ennogie will make you highly self-reliant. In other words, you will meet your own energy needs. Private households typically meet up to 75% of their overall power needs, whereas companies can go to 100% during certain periods of time. The production you do not consume yourselves is sold to the power grid at the applicable billing rates.
For most A solar roof can be a good deal for most. Whether you live in a small house, a large house, have several dwellings or a small or large company. So if you need a new roof, we would gladly give you our opinion, wherever relevant, also accompanied by specific calculations.
eurodan-huse Ennogie and eurodan-huse have a partnership, which makes it possible to purchase eurodan-huse houses with an Ennogie solar roof. The Danish company Eurodan-huse is the oldest standard construction house company in Denmark and among the biggest in the Danish market.

The advantages of opting for an Ennogie solar roof

Our roof is thought through to the smallest of details. This means that if you need a new roof and opt for Ennogie, you will get a large number of advantages:
  • It is a good deal;
  • The roof has an award-winning design;
  • The roof is sustainable;
  • A very high degree of self-reliance;
  • The roof produces power also in the winter and when it is cloudy;
  • The Ennogie roof is self-cleaning, because the panels are clinker-built and do not have a surrounding frame;
  • We use micro-inverters that ensure stable and safe production;
  • The micro-inverters also ensure that the roof has the highest level of safety because of the low voltage they use;
  • Micro-inverters do not make any noise;
  • The roof is sturdy and can withstand both hail and gales;
  • You can climb onto the roof, and the panels are easy to replace if they ever get damaged;
  • The solar roof is installed onto battens or a fixed underlay just like any regular roof;
  • It is easy to install and connect;
  • The adapter modules ensure a coherent and harmonious look.


See or download our brochure with some of our completed projects here. There are both examples of the Ennogie solar roof in new constructions and as replacement of an old roof.

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