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Our closest star, the sun, is a very stable and powerful source of sustainable energy. The surface of the earth actually receives more energy from the sunrays per hour than the whole of mankind can consume in a year. With solar cell panels it is possible to catch the sunrays and convert them into electricity.


Solar roof

  As opposed to ordinary solar cell panels, the solar roof from Ennogie completely replaces the traditional roof. The roof modules overlap both by length and width, thereby providing a tight thermal envelope as you know it from other roof materials. The underlying construction is identical to the one you know from other roof types, and it is easy and fast to mount in one simple workflow. The Ennogie roof is made of frameless solar cell panels with a black and homogeneous surface providing a simple and calm look without any disturbing parts. The layout of this roof makes both newly built and older houses look great. In 2016, Ennogie received the Danish Design Award, and in 2017 the iF Design Award for its beautiful design. With its good aesthetics and the high energy output, the Ennogie solar roof increases the value of the building. Read more about solar roofs


  Ennogie uses micro-inverters mounted on the roof instead of string-inverters which are placed inside the house. Using micro-inverters makes the roof very resistant against shading and increases the system’s reliability. It also adds to the safety during installation and operation, because the DC voltage is always lower than 60 V. Read more about mirco-inverters

Adapter module

  When the roof’s dimensions do not match the size of the solar cell modules exactly, we use a so-called adapter module. It looks exactly like the solar cell modules, but it does not produce energy and it can be cut to the exact size at the construction site. The adapter module is also used for skylights and chimneys etc. Generally, Ennogie recommends that active modules are installed wherever possible, as you do not save much money on using passive adapter modules instead. Particularly on cloudy days with no direct sunlight it is important to have a large solar cell area, and all the modules will produce almost the same amount of energy, whether they are pointing South or not. Read more about adapter modules


  At Ennogie, we believe that batteries at household level will make sense to consumers and to utilities if they are implemented correctly.It already pays off to install a battery pack together with your Innogie system. The battery pack enables you to consume daytime solar energy at night-time. Please contact us here for more information, if you are interested in a battery solution for your Ennogie roof.


See or download our brochure with some of our completed projects here. There are both examples of the Ennogie solar roof in new constructions and as replacement of an old roof.

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