FAB housing association with Ennogie solar roof

In connection with the complete renovation of the Korsløkken housing estate in Odense, the FAB (Fyns Almennyttige Boligforening) housing association decided to partially cover the roof of building 34-6 with an Ennogie solar roof. The pilot project comprises an area of some 400 m2 of solar roof. The roof has a solar cell capacity of 36 kWp and an inverter capacity of 20 kWp. The installation is estimated to produce a total of approx. 29,311 kWh of electricity per year, which will be used by the electric installation in the common areas of the building. The entire production thereby corresponds to direct annual savings of electricity that would otherwise be purchased of DKK 67,415.30 (assuming a price of DKK 2.30 per kWh).
The pilot project is financed by the EU programme “Horizon 2020 – MoreConnect”.

Both the housing association and the residents are doing something good for the environment


“To begin with, we at the FAB (Fyns Almennyttige Boligforening) housing association have installed an Ennogie solar roof as a pilot project. We have opted for an initial solution where we produce energy for our common areas ourselves. The solar cell roof from Ennogie has been installed in connection with the complete renovation of / master plan for one of the blocks of flats in Korsløkkeparken in Odense. The solar roof is an optimal solution, because it gives us a good business case and because this is a way for both the housing association and the residents to do something good for the environment, thereby contributing to Denmark’s green/sustainable revolution. Something we will give a priority to and focus on both today and in the coming years. And then it is naturally also important to us that the Ennogie solution seems to be aesthetically appealing and makes sure that our dwellings look modern. Another thing of importance for us was that Ennogie offered the option for a pilot project, where we could test the solution on a smaller scale, when it comes to both installation and operation. Now that we have experience with it, when we renovate or build new buildings on the estate, we can easily imagine that we will solarize the roofs of more buildings. Just because it makes sense – from both a financial and an environmental point of view – which is entirely in line with FAB’s general focus on sustainable construction,” says Ibrahim Chanty from FAB.



See or download our brochure with some of our completed projects here. There are both examples of the Ennogie solar roof in new constructions and as replacement of an old roof.



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