Ennogie solar roof of Cirkelhusene


Not so rectangular after all

Even if solar cell panels are rectangular, it is also possible to design round solar roofs. Cirkelhusene are 12 sustainable homes designed in the form of a circle. The round shape gives the structure an expression of its own as well as a distinctive character that is complemented by the Ennogie solar roof. SEM Byg, which is the developer behind the project, says that the concept underlying Cirkelhusene is based on 3 key areas – sustainability, bottom line and putting man at the centre. The structure is designed in such a way as to foster a sense of individuality in the individual homes, yet simultaneously allowing a sense of community to bloom in the roofed atrium. Cirkelhusene is a nearly-zero energy residential project that meets the 2020 energy efficiency requirements.

Even if Ennogie solar roofs are based on rectangular solar cell panels, we have designed a solution that gives Cirkelhusene a complete solar roof. This has been made possible by the adapter modules that the Ennogie solar roofs are supplied with. They appear visually to be just like solar cell panels, but can be cut to size to any shape. “We are very happy that we will be a supplier to Cirkelhusene. This is both an immensely exciting project from an architectonic point of view and trademark sustainability through and through. It has been an exciting challenge to design a round roof, which only serves to demonstrate that Ennogie solar roofs can fit most buildings. We always find a solution – as long as the roof has an incline of at least 5%,” says Michael Ariel Nielsen from Ennogie.

Sustainability, the bottom line and putting man at the centre

The Ennogie solution

The solar roof is made up of thin-film solar cell panels, adapter modules as well as micro-inverters – which together form a complete energy-producing roof that is both safe and operationally reliable. In addition, the roof provides the new residents with really good operating economy and, in particular, with sustainable energy.

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About Cirkelhusene

Round houses have been – and are still being built – for as far back in history as we can remember. One of the reasons for doing so is because many people obviously think this shape is fun, but also certainly mostly because this architectural form offers many advantages and prospects. The project comprises 12 homes arranged in the form of a circle, and it is this exact shape that makes it possible to build a top-modern zero energy dwelling at a very reasonable price.


At the same time, the shape of the dwelling quite naturally paves the way for fostering a greater sense of community – whether the residents are a family with children, a single man or a woman or a senior who wants to live separately, yet simultaneously wants to socialize with their neighbours. The central, glass-roofed atrium is like an oasis in the middle, providing the residents with flexible space that invites to social activities or hanging out with its greenery, sunshine, “cliffs” as well as trickling water. A concept of community which is given a lot of importance, yet which nevertheless provides plenty of room for individuality and privacy in your own, private dwelling.



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