Ennogie has received numerous awards throughout the years – have a look at some of them here. Ennogie is also proud and very grateful for having received support from several foundations, institutes etc. – in Denmark and in other countries.

iF Design Award

Ennogie ApS got the prestigious iF Design Award in February 2017; an internationally recognized design award. Germany’s oldest independent design organisation, iF International Forum Design GmbH, arranges the annual iF DESIGN AWARD. Ennogie won the award with its product “Innogie Solar Roof” in the discipline “Product” in the subcategory “Building Technology”. The integrated solar energy roof from Ennogie has convinced this year’s jury of 58 high-profile experts from all over the world with its beautiful and unique layout. There was eager competition to obtain this prestigious quality mark, with more than 5,500 entries from 59 countries.

Danish Design Award

Ennogie ApS received the award in the category “save money” in April 2016, for the Ennogie Roofing System, an aesthetic and innovative solar energy roof at a reasonable price with a pay back time of only a few years. The jury’s motivation: “Ennogie is a roof with a Return On Investment. Ordinary roofs are pure costs but the Ennogie roof pays back within few years and at a price per square meter that is only slightly higher than the price of similar hard roofs.”  

Sustainable Build

The purpose of Sustainable Build is to improve growth within the trade of sustainable build.Ennogie ApS was chosen in 2016 as innovator for Sustainable Build: “Ennogie has developed an aesthetically beautiful roof solution that produces both heat and electricity with the sun as primary source of energy.” You can read more about Sustainable Build here.    

The Market Development Fund

Ennogie ApS obtained support from the Market Development Fund (Markedsmodningsfonden) in April 2014 for testing the Ennogie Roofing System on the market. The purpose of the Market Development Fund is to improve growth, employment and export, particularly among small medium-sized enterprises within trades where Denmark shows special strengths and potentials. This may include green reconversion, solutions within health and welfare, design and other creative trades.

Venture Cup Idea Competition

Ennogie ApS won the 2011 award in the category Cleantech after presenting the idea for a jury and an audience.


Ennogie ApS was supported by Incense Award in January 2016 for developing a pioneering method of sharing electricity through a large worldwide network of Ennogie Roofing System solutions.


Ennogie ApS obtained support from EUDP in October 2015 in order to develop an aesthetically attractive BIPV roof solution.

Business Development centre Central Denmark

Ennogie ApS received the “Start mind Accelerator Growth Package” from the Business Development centre Central Denmark (Vækshus Midtjylland) in May 2011 with the purpose of supporting the company with legal consultancy.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Denmark

Ennogie ApS obtained support in September 2010 for applying to the European Commission’s “Seventh Framework Programme: Research for the benefit of SMEs”.

Alexander Foss Industry Fund

Ennogie was supported by the Alexander Foss Industry Fund in June 2010 with the purpose of testing and providing further development of the Ennogie Roofing System.

Horizon 2020

Ennogie ApS received support in January 2015 for participating in the European Union H2020 project, More Connect. You can read more about this project here

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