The community “Sønderhaven”
with Ennogie solar roof

Early 2020 will be the start of an entirely new building area in Brædstrup, Denmark. “Sønderhaven”, as the area is called will be a community without car traffic and with focus on sustainable solutions aswell as biodiversity. Furthermore, it is the biggest building project in the city.

The in total 77 apartments will be build in three phases, placed in the middle of Brædstrup city. The first phase of the sustainable town will be ready at the end of 2020.

Both the property owner and the residents are positively investing in the enviroment


General information about the project

Sønderhaven will in total consist of 77 rentalapartments between the size of 60 – 105 m2. 26 of these apartments, will be used as communal buildings for the residents of the area.

The Ennogie solar roof will produce renewable energy for the community, and is a vital part in reducing the total CO2 emissions from the area.

The community will have a large commonhouse and a townsquare where the residents can gather for activities and “hygge”.

In Sønderhaven the green areas will be supported with things as a playground and “tarzan-track”, so the area has appeal for a wide audience.

PEJA Ejendomme is the company behind the project. The other parties that are mainly envolved are Ennogie, Ginnerup Arkitekter, DEM, Møller & Grønborg, EnviDan, VSP, AVNØ byggerådgivning and a line of local suppliers.

In total Sønderhaven will have approximately 3.731 m2 roof,
of which approximately 3.462 m2 will consist of Ennogies active roofing.
This solution will provide a yearly renewable energy production for the community of about 280.000 kWh annually. 

In association with 40 of Ennogies new batterystorage units, this equals a total saving upwards of 600.000 DKK annually for the community.

Furthermore this means that return on investment of the project, is expected to be less than 10 years.

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